2020 Easter Celebration Message

Easter is here again, strangely for the first time in recent history, practically the whole world will celebrate this in the minimal way possible since most things are locked down.

Arguments on the media; COVID-19, 5G, Mark of the Beast and several pending issues trending all over the world are matters of concern to Believers’ and non-Christians alike. In the midst of all these, we should remind ourselves of the reason Jesus went to the Cross. Why did He die for the sins he didn’t commit? He did that because of you.

When Jesus came, he knew the purpose of His coming. Ever before he was born, there are prophecies, and when he was here, he confirmed them walking with God’s timing.
Matthew 1:20-23; Luke 1:31-32; Matthew 26:2,11-12; 17:22; 20:18; 24:30.

Jesus knew he must exit this world after finishing his assignments, and he is cognizant of the manner His exit will happen.
The recent world occurrences as referenced in Mark 13 and other similar passages are major indices to the turn of events. This world is not our permanent dwelling place, yet, we are here on earth living and blossoming momentarily within the confines of time. We should not forget why he died. It is so we can live our lives purposefully.
After the pandemic and lock down is over, we need to ask ourselves, why does God need to keep me alive? To marry or buy new cars? Why does God need to spare me and allow others die? Of What value to humanity, to God and to His Kingdom would I add that should necessitate sparing me?

We should borrow from the thought of Maria Fontaine, “The past is lost to you forever, and the future isn’t yet yours. Now is the only time you know, use it WELL.”
These Newsletter showcases the act of God as we avail ourselves to his work. God will yet Manifest His Glory as we use our time well. Don’t forget He went to the Cross because of You.

Pst. Mike Okuneye
Executive Director
LivingWord Global Leadership Mission